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Guide to Campervan Rental Portland Oregon

Want to see the amazing state of Oregon? Get a Campervan rental in Portland

Whether you’re traveling to Portland to see the city, or as a hub for the endless outdoor recreation opportunities available in the great state of Oregon, Campervan rental is the way to go.

Renting a Campervan vs staying in Hotels or Airbnb

Hotel costs are often thought of only in terms of the price of the room. In reality, staying in a hotel includes many hidden expenses.

The cost of Campervan rental is often less than or similar to hotel or Airbnb, but there are some huge advantages to Campervan rental.

Here’s a partial list of how renting a campervan to see Portland, OR can help you save

  • Car rental fees plus fuel, or taxis and other public transit fees
    • With a van rental, your home is your car
  • Time and money spent going from your hotel to vacation activities, and back to your hotel
    • Plan your campsites around your sightseeing for minimal drive time
  • Paying a tour company to drive you to the sights, and going on their schedule
    • You’re in control of the when and the where
  • Time spent hassling with baggage, elevators, checking in/out…
    • It’s all in the campervan and you can access it any time
  • The cost (in time and money) of parking your rental car
    • The cost of a campsite (between $15 and $30 per night) allows for all day/night parking
  • The cost of extra beds (or worse, rooms!) for your family
    • Rent a larger van for family outings, smaller for singles or couples
  • The exorbitant cost of room service and eating in restaurants
    • Cook in the van and save big on meal costs

So the decision to rent a camper van to see Portland instead of staying in a hotel goes far beyond the obvious adventures you’ll have, it’s just a brilliant financial choice.

Available Campervan rentals in and around the Portland area

If you don’t see several Campervan rental listings below this line of text, click here, please.

Visiting Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is a unique travel spot to visit in the Pacific Northwest.

You may think you know Portland based on your favorite “Portlandia” skit, but the city has much more to offer than just its hipster culture.

Nestled 60 miles east of the Pacific Ocean, Portland is a great place to visit for delicious food, interesting attractions, and nearby outdoor opportunities.

Is Portland, Oregon worth visiting?

Portland is definitely worth visiting, especially if you enjoy spending time outside.

You can find great spots for food, beer, and wine within the city, and it is home to one of the biggest bookstores in the US.

Portland is located between the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, so there are endless outdoor opportunities just outside of the city.

Is Portland safe for tourists?

As far as visiting a city goes, yes, Portland is safe for tourists.

However, this doesn’t mean you can leave your keys in the ignition or your bike unlocked and expect them to be there when you return.

Despite the sense of safety that Portland can provide compared to other, bigger cities, theft and crime are still just as possible as they are in other spots around the country.

It’s best to use common sense as a tourist visiting Portland, or any city for that matter.

Don’t leave valuables behind in your car, be aware of your surroundings, and trust your gut if you feel unsafe.

Portland Campervan Rental vansage
Image of a Portland Campervan rental parked in the moonlight vansage.com

What is the best time of year to go to Portland Oregon?

Summer, typically June through August, is the best time to visit Portland.

During these months, it doesn’t rain as much, and the weather is warm. This makes it the best time of year for exploring the city’s outdoor scene.

Since this is the best time for visiting, it’s also the busiest time to be in Portland and may require some advanced planning if you’re looking for reasonable prices on flights or lodging.

If you’d rather avoid the crowds, Portland also has lots to offer during other times of the year.

While winter typically brings a lot of rain to the city, nearby Mount Hood gets plenty of snow and is an easy day trip from Portland for skiers or snowboarders.

No matter what time of year you decide to visit, you’ll find there are always plenty of events occurring around Portland to keep you entertained.

What should I see in Portland?

Portland has a variety of indoor and outdoor attractions to choose from as you plan your trip to the area.

If you enjoy history, the Pittock Mansion is worth a visit. This 16,000 square foot home was built in 1914 and is open for tours.

The city is also home to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, which includes many hands-on exhibits as well as a planetarium.

If you would rather spend your time outside, Portland is well-known for its sprawling gardens and parks.

Washington Park has enough attractions to keep you busy for an entire weekend. Here you can find the Portland Japanese Garden, the International Rose Test Garden, and the Portland Zoo.

A must-see hike near Portland is Multnomah Falls. This 620-foot waterfall can be viewed from a bridge or a short but steep climb can take you to the top for the ultimate viewpoint.

Where to stay in a Campervan near Portland

There are many camping options near Portland to suit every type of vehicle need and experience level.

For established campgrounds, there are several state parks close to the city.

Some state parks, such as L.L. “Stub” Steward State Park, have campsites with RV hookups, primitive campsites, and even cabins for rent, all within the park.

If free camping is more your style, nearby Mount Hood National Forest has many dispersed camping areas where you can stay for free for at least 14 days.

Oregon State Parks: Some of the best in the nation

Having camped on the Oregon Coast on several occasions, I can vouch for Oregon state parks as being some of the best in the US.

You can feel totally comfortable booking campsites at the parks to stay in your rented Campervan.

  • The Oregon State Parks Website is a great resource for camping on Oregon public lands
  • Another great resource for visiting Portland is TravelPortland.com where you’ll find many great resources for your journeys and adventures.


Smith rock state park view campervan rental portland vansage
Smith rock state park view. Less than 3 hours drive from Portland.

Getting to Portland, Oregon

Traveling to Portland from Seattle is an easy trip with several options.

By car, it’s about 3 hours (without traffic) along Interstate 5. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of parking in Portland, there are other options as well.

You can take an Amtrack train or a Greyhound bus to the city and then utilize Portland’s public transit system or sight see by campervan.

It’s also a quick trip by plane and you can find several flight options offered throughout the day into Portland International Airport aka PDX.

If you’re traveling from San Francisco, the cheapest option is probably to travel by car, which takes roughly 11 hours.

If you don’t have the time to commit to a long day of driving, a flight from San Francisco to Portland will take less than two hours.

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