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Converting a Campervan: The ultimate guide to build your dream van

Essential Guide to Converting a Campervan

Vansage Converting a van to live in
Image courtesy of VW VANAGON T3 on Flickr

This page is a work in progress and we’re furiously typing away to get you all the info you need for converting your van into a great travel and living space.

Please CHECK () out the articles that are fully published.

The rest will be Coming soon!

Check back soon for all our helpful details for converting a van to live in.

The Best Van to Convert to a Camper

Coming soon! An upcoming MEGA-POST that will cover vehicle brands, interior cubic space, engines, MPG averages, drive trains and much more.

Heaters for Campervans

An informative article about staying warm (and safe) in your van.

Campervan toilets

Portable toilets are a crucial accessory that allows you to keep rolling instead of looking for public options.

12 Volt Portable Fridge Freezers

Stopping for ice is a very real cost in both time and cash. Take a look at this informative resource for keeping your food cold.

 The Best Campervan Showers

Campground showers are great, but not always available. We cover the wide range of campervan shower options in this article.

Best Rooftop Cargo Bags and Trailer Hitch Cargo Boxes for Campervans

Because sometimes the van just isn’t big enough for your stuff. We wrote at length about hitch boxes and rooftop bags.

Best Portable Camping Stoves

Butane, Propane, Wood, White Gas and Multi-Fuel options for all your cooking needs.

Best Bike Racks for Campervans

Once you’re parked and set up, you need to get around. Or you want to bring bikes for the kids and the whole family. Or you’re a serious cyclist…We’ve dispelled the complicated world of van bike racks

Best Campervan Awning

Keep the sun and the mist off while dining, reading, napping… A good awning creates a sense of home.

Best Backup Camera for Campers

Where’d that kid disappear to? How close is that bumper? Or that cliff?!! Get clarity before backing up with our in-depth article about this complex but crucial accessory.

Choosing a Minivan Tent Attachment

Adding a tent to your van once you’re parked and ready to stay for awhile can transform your van into a livable space big enough for family and friends to sleep or just hang out.

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