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Campervan Trash, Recycling & Compost Bins: Vanlife Waste Management

Manage the Mess with Camper Van Trash, Recycling & Compost Bins

Organization is crucial for being comfortable in a van, and any Vanlifer doing their own build typically spends a lot of time considering where they’ll put their belongings.

From clothing and gear storage to pantry organization, using your space effectively is the key to vanlife success.

Creative solutions for bikes and spices are commonly well-planned, but there aren’t a ton of Instagram-worthy posts about Campervan trash, recycling & compost bins.

We believe they’re very useful campervan gadgets, so here’s a whole post about them. 

Our Top Picks for Campervan Trash, Recycling & Compost Bins

Epica Stainless Campervan Compost Bin

Our rating

IPELY Seat Back Trash Bag

Our rating

Camco Collapsible Campervan Recycle Bin

Our rating


Dreaming up the perfect van layout for bikes and snowboards tends to be much more exciting than the thought of van garbage cans, recycling bins, and composting, but it is just as important.

This is one area of organization that is often overlooked during the planning stages.

Campervan Trash, Recycling & Compost Bins vansage.com

Many campervan travelers are surprised that they generate as much trash on the road as they do at home, so having an organized system for waste is the best way to avoid hanging out with your stinky trash.

Campervan Garbage Bins

The first area to consider is your garbage bin. As long as your recycling and composting are organized, you can manage to keep just a small bin for garbage.

There are a few things you’ll want to consider though when choosing the perfect van garbage can.

The most important feature is an airtight seal. Garbage bins can generate foul odors and bacteria, especially in warm climates if your van isn’t temperature controlled.

There is nothing worse than returning to the campervan after an adventure and being welcomed home by the fumes from your garbage.

While a tiny garbage bin is ideal for taking up less space, keep in mind that it will require more frequent emptying.

There are hidden advantages here: Small garbage bags can easily be disposed of in any public garbage can (gas stations, rest stops, outside of the gym, etc.) so you won’t have to track down a dumpster.

Also, you’ll be more likely to empty it more often and that will help minimize odors and overflow.

This is one reason our Top Pick for Campervan Garbage Bins is only 2 gallons. 

Recycling Bins for Campervans

When choosing a campervan recycle bin, it’s important to note that your recycling will tend to take up more space than your trash will.

It can also be more challenging to find a place to empty your recycling, so a larger size bin may be helpful.

In order to make the most of your recycling space, always be sure to mash, crush, or fold items when possible.

Getting rid of your recyclables isn’t as easy as dumping your trash, but many towns have free recycling centers which can typically be located with a quick google search.

Some parts of the country are better for this than others, and if you happen to be passing near a college or university, that’s often a good place to check.

Grocery stores sometimes have recycling bins, as do many National Parks.

Compost Bins for Camper Vans

The Rev-A-Shelf Bins are a great choice for larger vans. Click to see details and pricing.

Believe it or not, composting can be done on the road as well and will help cut down on the amount of trash you accumulate.

When picking a compost bin, be sure to choose one with an airtight seal or a good filter to control odors and bacteria.

A compost bag can help keep the pail clean but will add an expense. The size of your compost bin you need will depend on your eating habits.

The amount that you cook and how much fresh food you eat will affect how much compostable material you accumulate, but most people can manage with a small bin.

Similar to recycling, compost can be challenging to dump and may require some extra planning. A great resource for tracking down a composting location is Find a Composter.


Our Top Picks for Campervan Trash, Recycling & Compost Bins

Epica Stainless Campervan Compost Bin

Our rating

  • Natural Odor Control: The air tight lid, replaceable charcoal filter control odors naturally.
  • Easy to clean: The stainless steel is molded as one piece and resists rust and leaks.
  • Large enough to hold a few days of compostable kitchen material.
  • Durable, single molded stainless steel. 
  • Includes free, replaceable charcoal filter for odorless composting. 

Click for images and more details about the Epica Stainless Campervan Compost Bin


IPELY Seat Back Trash Bag

Our rating

  • High strength & leak proof fabric that’s simple to clean
  • Easy to attach straps
  • Elastic strap/hook keeps bag from moving
  • Holds up to two gallons
  • Big enough to hold your non-compostables and non-recyclables
  • Small enough to not take up too much precious space in your van

Click to see more images, details and info about the

IPELY Seat Back Trash Bag


Camco Collapsible Campervan Recycle Bin

Our rating

  • Dimensions: 2 feet tall and collapses down to 2.5 inches
  • comes with storage bag
  • Big enough for 33 gallon bags
  • Has a tough, cleanable liner, handles and lid with zipper closure
  • Big enough to hold your biggest waste source, recyclables
  • Easy to carry out for dumping

Click to see more info and images about the Camco Collapsible Campervan Recycle Bin


Rev-A-Shelf Double 35 Qt. Pull-Out Campervan Bins

Our rating

  • 2 35 quart containers with frame and mounting hardware
  • Minimum Cabinet Opening: Face Frame(W x D x H) – 14-1/2 x 22-1/8 x 19-3/8 inches, Frame less (W x D x H) – 14-1/2 x 22-1/4 x 19-3/8 inches
  • Dimensions: 14.38 inches Wide x 22 inches Deep x 19.25 inches high
  • 100 lb extended ball bearing slide
  • W (min to max)14-3/8 inches. H (min to max) 19-1/4 inches
  • Removable handle
  • Shelf Rating: 100 lbs. per shelf

Click to see more info and images about the Rev-A-Shelf Double 35 Qt. Pull-Out Campervan Bins

Thanks for reading!

Campervan trash, recycling & compost bins are definitely not the most glamorous side to campervan dwelling. 

But as campervan storage ideas go, it’s a crucial topic and necessary to think about in order to avoid snuggling up next to your trash at night or smelling your garbage from up on the trail.

A clean and well organized camper van is a happy van!

How do you keep trash, recycling and compost organized in your van? Please comment below. 

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