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“I feared that my 1st night of Vanlife, a dream years in the making, would also be my last”

The rain started at about 11:15…

…two hours after Shelly arrived at the campsite and just a few minutes after getting settled in to sleep.

By 3 am her bedding, pillows and mattress were soaked with rain water.

Exhausted and praying for a vacancy, she drove the 2016 144″ High Roof Mercedes Sprinter to the nearest motel. 

She cursed the RV dealer and wondered if and how this horror show could have been avoided.

But looming even larger in Shelly’s mind was the feeling that her dream of Vanlife had so quickly disintegrated into a shivering, water-logged nightmare.

It was Shelly’s first night of Vanlife, and she feared it might also be her last. 

The saddest part of this story?

If she’d known to ask the dealer just one very revealing question (more about that below), she could have avoided this terrible, demoralizing situation.


What’s in the Masterclass?

The Campervan Finder Framework

The Campervan Inspection Power Pack

Van Purchase Financial Strategies

Van Sale Scam Spotter

The Campervan Negotiation Manifesto

Vanlife Social Media Hack Sheet


Don’t look at any vans before you read…

The Campervan Finder Framework

Save time, money and stress when searching for your van

FACT: The vast majority of vans on the market are NOT worth your time

You can easily waste months or years -precious Vanlife Adventure time- looking at vans that don’t fit into the dream of Vanlife you’ve pictured for yourself.


In my own experience and of many of my readers, finding and viewing available vans is a slog that almost always leads to killing precious hours, instead of finding the perfect rig.

I became obsessed with finding the best vans on the market at any time…

Using The Finder Framework you’ll be able to…

  • Leverage knowledge and skill (vs rumors, feelings and luck) to find your van
  • Become an authority on the best vans and avoid the junk
  • Find hidden gems: Little known sources of vans that most don’t know about
  • Leverage a bizarre psychological phenomenon to find vans hiding in plain site!
  • Discover, understand and commit to your unique van needs

A stress-free, time & money saving system for finding your Vanlife adventure mobile


The Campervan Negotiation Manifesto

Pro Negotiation Skills for Van Buyers

This is a systematic approach to getting the best price on the right van for you.

You won’t learn how to badger sellers into giving you the lowest price, which often leads to a stalemate where nobody wins.

Get the knowledge and ability to…

  • Achieve your financial goals through skillful negotiation
  • Meet your own goals by uncovering the s
  • ellers needs
  • Get the seller to willingly give you the time and space to inspect & test the van
  • Skillfully coax hidden info out of the seller
  • Strategies for overcoming condition issues through price & terms adjustments

Leverage powerful negotiation skills to get the best price on the van you want.


“On the surface, the Sprinter looked great. What lurked beneath would soon break my heart!

For Shelly, the RV dealers showroom was an oasis of comfort and calm compared to the driveways, garages, yards (a grocery store parking lot) of private sellers. 

That calm quickly evaporated out on the lot, as viewing the Sprinter was an exercise in confusion and distraction. 

The salesman kept yammering about how the previous owner rarely used the van and saying “oh check this out” and “you’re gonna love this”!

He turned the stereo up so loud, Shelly could barely hear herself think (and yes, the sound system was very good).

Mostly, he kept reminding her that 4 other people had looked at the van that weekend. 

He said one couple had called to say they were making a 2 hour drive back to the lot in the morning to pay cash for it. 

Shelly was no slouch when it comes to mechanical knowledge.

She’d been changing her own oil since she was a young driver, could change a flat tire…

And everything seemed to work fine: The fridge, stove, heater and AC… Swivel seats and hitch mounted bike rack, solar charger, TV…

The engine compartment was sparkling clean and there were no fluids leaking from suspension components, transmission or steering gear.

The motor purred and the van drove smooth on surface streets and at speed on the freeway.

The van even featured a brand new mattress! (maybe you can see where this is going)

The salesman assured Shelly (thrusting a finely printed wad of paper in her face) that the “platform” (meaning the vehicle, vs the “house”) had cleared the dealers “Multi-Point Inspection”.

Shelly faced an age-old conundrum:

If I hem and haw, the Wilsons will show up and buy this van out from under me.”

Reminding herself that her state had a “Lemon Law”, Shelly decided it was time to end a frustrating, months long search and finally begin her Vanlife adventure.

The salesman lead her into the office and after several signatures, the gunmetal gray Sprinter was hers.

While Shelly was very lucky with her campervan platform, the house was a different story all together.

Two weeks later, on her first night of Vanlife, just a couple hours after getting settled in for sleep…

The failing seal around the rear, side window and the panel trim holes (a common leak spot on Sprinters) would let a substantial volume of water into the van, destroying the new mattress.

But that was only the beginning

Turned out that the leaks had damaged the insulation, wall panels, flooring and cabinet boxes. All hidden from sight.

All could have been discovered with the right knowledge and tools.

Did the previous owner know about the problem? Did the dealer know?

After all, the receipt for the mattress was only a week old and they’d had the van on their lot for a month!

 Power Tip:  Scams aren’t limited to dealers. Private sellers can run them, too! 

Shelly’s attorney explained that this wasn’t proof enough, and that she may or may not win a Lemon Law case against the dealer.

Ultimately, she decided her money would be better spent having the van gutted, the floor and cabinets replaced, the leaks repaired…

The custom van shop also uncovered a few other issues, of course.

In total, seventeen thousand, four hundred dollars worth.

Once again, if Shelly had known to ask just a few powerful but simple questions, if she’d been armed with the right knowledge and tools, she could’ve avoided all of this headache and expense. 


The Campervan Inspection Power Pack

Step-by-step system to find problems BEFORE you buy

Setting aside my experience with Campervans (going back to the 1970’s)…

…as a former home building, remodel and sales professional, I’ve been involved in hundreds of home inspections. 

I’ve carefully translated that knowledge and experience to the Campervan buying process. 

The Power Pack gives you certainty that the van you’re viewing is worth every penny.

  • Crucial questions to ask the seller BEFORE you go look at the van
  • How to get sellers to allow you the time and access to perform thorough inspections (and what to do if they don’t)
  • What to do if you don’t (or do) have mechanical experience
  • The Van Viewing Toolbox: A few simple tools you’ll carry to save big money before and after the purchase
  • How to develop a sixth sense for potential issues
  • How to uncover the true history of the vehicle

Comprehensive Checklists for Inspection & Testing: Both Digital and Printable

including, but not limited to…

  • Heating & Cooling
  • Electrical: Solar, Charging, Safety, Batteries, Lighting, Connections…
  • Water & Plumbing
  • Flooring, Ceiling & Paneling, Subfloor, Coverings, Trim
  • Cabinets, Shelves, Storage
  • Insulation, Ventilation, Seal Integrity
  • Pop Tops & Bump Outs
  • Mattress, Cushions & Seating, Tables…

Platform Inspection: How to be certain that your driving mechanicals are sound

  • Most important wear and tear hotspots to inspect
  • List of mechanicals that can be checked and tested without tools
  • How to find and work with the best pro vehicle inspectors
  • Test drive checklist: What to focus on during the test drive (other than the sound system)
  • Pro resources that will give you the upper hand during the inspection

The Campervan Inspection Power Pack gives you an unfair advantage when inspecting and test driving vans for sale.


Van Purchase Financial Strategies

Counterintuitive financial tactics for van purchase success

Larger purchases are scary and can lead to unproductive, limited thinking. 

This guide will help you find the calm and patience to see any and all options for financing, owning and maintaining and even profiting from your Campervan purchase. 

  • Budgeting for your van purchase
  • Financial Planning for Campervan ownership
  • Calculating for near and long term repairs and maintenance
  • Checklists (Digital and Printable) for up front and ongoing costs 
  • “Side Hustle” tactics that can pay for part or all of your van

Master the money side of Campervan purchase and ownership for more relaxed, worry-free Vanlife adventures. 


Van Sale Scam Spotter

Uncover and avoid dealer and private seller scams & dishonesty

Buying a van means exposing yourself to the used car market; a world infested with scammers and cheats.

Sometimes it’s not a “scam”, specifically, but simple dishonesty.

It can even be unintentional: Misinformation passed on from previous owners. 

Still, if it means making the sale, many sellers (private and pro) are more than willing to cover up and omit problems with the van.

Often, the bigger the problem, the more likely they are to hide it.

  • Spot & avoid RV dealer (and private seller) scams 
  • How to uncover the true history of the van
  • How to spot Bondo and other hidden repairs
  • Find intentionally hidden rust and other mechanical issues
  • Learn the difference between a scam and simple dishonesty
  • Learn the limits of Lemon Laws (hint: most victims never get compensated)

Arm yourself with the knowledge to spot scams, dishonesty and unknown problems before you shop for vans.


“The many hours wasted on Facebook & forum threads is time I’ll never get back.”

Shelly was on her own, so she turned to random Facebook and forum threads for van buying info.

This “resource” lead to confusion and frustration.

Every time she posted on a thread, she’d either get barraged with negativity from snarky know-it-alls, or she’d be ignored completely.

Several times her own posts got “hijacked” with completely unrelated questions and comments.

Shelly’s frustration with social media inadvertently lead her into the hands of a slimy used RV dealer.

We know how that turned out.


The Vanlife Social Media Hack Sheet

Facebook threads are FLOODED with arguments, snark, and angry comments by inexperienced users claiming to be experts.

Reality: Social media posters are talking about their limited experiences with ONE (maybe two) vans.

No social media user can possibly understand your unique Vanlife needs.

Ever notice how the Google “algorithm” is more than happy to show you outdated (often years old) worthless answers to your questions?

Social media used right can be a huge time and money saver.

The Hack Sheet gives you powerful know-how that saves many hours and big buck$

  • How to find and get help from industry professionals who use forums and social media
  • Thread searching hacks for quick, accurate answers to your questions
  • Which online social resources are a total waste of time…
  • …and which are golden, highly valuable sources of knowledge

Get the upper hand in van buying and ownership by mastering the best that social media and forum resources have to offer. 


Through blood, sweat & tears, I read them all…

It’s been a slog, but I’ve spent many hours scouring the web for van and RV buying tips, tricks and checklists.

While there are a few decent articles out there, most are incomplete, at best.

At their worst, they contain inaccurate information that leads to unnecessary costs and frustration.

With Campervan values and prices on the rise, it’s more important than ever to totally eliminate uncertainty before making a purchase.

I felt that more needed to be done to arm future Vanlifers with in-depth knowledge about something as important as buying a Campervan.


The Campervan Buyers Masterclass is for you if…

✓ you’ve struggled to find a van that suits your needs

you have no mechanical knowledge (and even if you do)

you bought a van that causes more frustration than joy

you feel lost and uncertain due to the crazy van market


Masterclass Formats


The eBook is in PDF format, readable on any device using your favorite PDF reader.

Active navigation links throughout the eBook to jump to any chapter or subheading.

Checklists feature active digital checkboxes for use on phone, iPad or tablet.

The eBook is set up for easy printing in case you prefer good ol’ pen and paper (like me).


Download and listen to the Masterclass on PC, Apple & Android devices. 

Recorded and produced in standard high quality digital audio formats.

Features chapter markers for easy searching and navigation.

Bonus Audio

The Campervan Buyers Masterclass Bonus Audio features in-depth answers to Van buyer questions and more. 

When you sign up for the Masterclass you can send me your questions for inclusion in the Masterclass Q&A.


The Masterclass is offered in 3 packages

Training & resources valued at over $3,000.00