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Are 12V Fridges Any Good?

Many improvements to 12 volt refrigerators in recent years

Twelve volt Campervan fridge freezers have undergone huge advancements in recent years.

So when you ask are 12V Fridges any good,  we believe that the modern 12v camping fridge is one of the most valuable and wonderful developments of the outdoor world.

These improvements mean they’re not just good, 12V Fridges are now excellent!

They’re an vital addition to your Campervan, RV, Boating, Overlanding, Camping, Fishing and Hunting gear.

Are 12V fridges any good?

The primary improvements include compressor quality, power consumption, zones for cooling or freezing, angled use up to 30 degrees, improved insulation for temperature efficiency and more.

The answer is “Yes”, and here’s how 12V fridges are good:

Dometic Refrigerator CFF 35 Are 12V fridges any good? Vansage

  • Modern 12v and 24v fridge freezers have durable, variable speed compressors that adjust as necessary to internal temperature settings, as well as external or ambient temperatures. This speed variability means that they consume very little power,
  • Taking advantage of modern construction and insulation materials, the best DC fridges only need to run for a few minutes each hour to keep contents cold or even below freezing, allow them to consume very little RV and campervan house battery power.
  • Many portable DC fridge freezers have 2 zones: One for cooling, to keep food in the range of 38°f or 3.33°c, and one for freezing to keep food at or below 32°f or 0°c. This feature allows for best food safety and a greater range of cooking options in your RV.
  • While earlier models had to be stored horizontally, newer models are more flexible and can be stored at angles up to 30 degrees and still function perfectly. This means that your 12/24v fridge freezer can be stored in more locations in your van or RV.

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