We’ve found that many important questions about conversion vans and the campervan lifestyle were not being answered by online resources.

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Many sites are limited to old world RV industry attitudes, products and information.

So, are the days of the rolling mansion over? No way.

And that’s okay with us because we love our giant brethren of the road.

But we’re here to serve a more compact, nimble, fuel efficient, at times even stealthy alternative to the highway behemoth.

We’re excited to provide reviews, guides, comparisons, advice and much more…

We’re all about the stuff that you need to get started, and keep that rolling adventure going.

For example, you might be tired of using rest stops, gas stations and truck stops for restroom breaks. We’ve got you covered with our in-depth article about portable toilets for campervans.

Or maybe you’ve been contemplating an awning for your campervan, but not sure it it’s worth the cost and the extra space it might take up.

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Credit Michael Marston Via flickr

The Van Sage suggests that you take a minute to read about awnings, you may be surprised how the right awning for your campervan can transform your van travel experience.

And we’ll be featuring great van builds. In fact, if you send us pics and/or video of your conversion project, custom build, cool solution to van life needs…

We’ll post it in our reader feature section.

This site is more than a work in progress, it’s an ever growing resource of campervan lifestyle and travel.

We want you to succeed and thrive as a van traveler and to prove it, we’ll keep producing great content and having a blast doing it.